Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Columbus Ohio

Bicycle accidents can do a lot of physical and emotional damage to all parties involved, and these kinds of accidents often have high rates of injury. For those who have experienced a bike accident in Columbus, finding a bicycle accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can ensure that they get the best possible outcomes.

What Do I Do Immediately After I’ve Been in a Bicycle Accident?

Take these steps after a bike accident to ensure that you are safe and have the evidence you need to have a stronger case.

  1. Remove yourself from further damage and away from traffic.
  2. Call emergency services, which may include an ambulance and police. Even if the accident doesn’t seem major, you’ll want the police to come to take your information and create a report of what happened.
  3. Share information with any other parties involved in the accident. Trading insurance is still important in bicycle accidents as long as a car or other type of vehicle is involved.
  4. Take photos of the scene to capture what happened if you get the chance and can do so safely.
  5. Seek medical help. Even if you don’t think your injuries are major, seeking help can make sure that if you do have any injuries, they are on the record and noted right away. Some injuries may not be apparent until later, which is why being checked over can help.
  6. Preserve your clothes and other belongings as much as you can because these may be useful to your lawyer, so make sure to get the okay before wearing those clothes again.
  7. Keep an organized file of all your information so that you don’t lose anything important.

What is the Ohio Statute of Limitations for Bike Accidents?

For personal injury claims in Ohio, you have two years from the time of the accident in most cases. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as minors having extensions to the statute of limitations. The best advice is to seek legal help sooner rather than later in these types of cases.

At What Point Should You Consult a Bike Accident Lawyer?

A Columbus bike accident lawyer is a good choice for anyone who has been in a serious bike-related accident, but this is especially true if you have suffered injuries based on someone else’s negligence.

Why Do You Need a Bike Attorney?

In cases of bike accidents, figuring out what happened is sometimes a struggle, and we can help piece that together and help you complete your legal case. Most people don’t get reasonable settlements when they try to fight their own legal battles.

What Types of Compensation Are Recoverable in a Bicycle Accident Claim?

These types of cases result in financial compensation, but this compensation can account for a range of damages, such as financial losses, property damage, medical costs, and emotional suffering. Thus, we can help you calculate all these damages and maximize the money you get.

What Can I Expect When I Call for My Free Consultation and Case Evaluation?

When you call for a consultation and case evaluation, we can determine where your case stands legally and if our firm is a good fit for you. We can also help you by answering any outstanding questions that you may have.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Our firm can offer you a Columbus bicycle accident lawyer who is sure to fight for your interests. We have expertise in personal injury law, and we’ve been in the business for years, honing our skills in this area. Thus, we can help you when you most need our help.

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