Hip Injuries

If you have had a hip injury because of a motor vehicle accident, you know how serious these injuries can impact you. Hip injuries can make it hard to work, function, and live the kind of life you want to live, but our legal team wants to help you get what you are due for your injuries.

YD Legal wants to provide you with a hip injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, that you need to get compensation for the negligence that others have done to cause your injury.

How Common are Hip Injuries

Hip injuries are incredibly common. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests that each year, more than 300,000 people experience hip injuries. Not all of these are related to car accidents, but the impact of a car accident can do a lot of damage. This damage is more common in elderly people who have weaker bones. Women are also more prone to hip injuries than men.

Can You Get Legal Compensation for Hip Injuries?

You could get legal compensation for your hip injury if it was caused by an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Under Ohio law, negligence occurs when someone else has not met their duty of care towards another person. While operating a motor vehicle, each person owes others on a road a certain level of responsibility. Reckless behavior like speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can all indicate that a person has been negligent. To get compensation, it is important to show this negligence and how it has caused your hip injury.

How Much Compensation Can You Get?

The amount of compensation that you get from a hip injury case will be dependent on the type of injury that you face and how severely that injury has impacted you.

Common Types of Hip Injuries

There are many types of hip injuries that commonly occur as a result of a car, motorcycle, or truck accidents. Some accident-related injuries include:

  • Broken hip bones and fractures
  • Bursitis
  • Dislocated hips
  • Labral tear

You may also experience other injuries due to complications that stem from your hip injury. Columbus broken pelvic injury lawyers can help you understand how your specific injury can result in financial compensation.

Complications from Hip Injuries

The problem with hip injuries is not just the injury itself, but there’s also the issue that hip injuries can cause other complications, which can last for a long time after the injury. Some hip injuries will require surgery. In cases of surgical intervention, there are even more possible complications. For example, infection, bleeding, pain, and neurovascular issues.

Other medical issues related to hip injuries include:

  • Permanent disability
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Urinary infection
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart failure
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Pneumonia

Even if there wasn’t a chance of these intense complications, the pain from the hip injury alone is quite debilitating, and the recovery process is inevitably long.

The Long Recovery Process After Hip Injuries

Hip injuries often take months or even years for complete recovery. Some people experience issues for the rest of their lives. The burden this causes can be immense, and this long recovery should be considered when taking legal action.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

Our firm has many characteristics that make us ideal for hip injury cases. These qualities are the backbone of our legal practice.

Committed: Our commitment allows us to dedicate special time and energy to each case we take on. We want to see cases through, and we want to do everything in our power to get our clients desired results.

Collaborative: No person on our team works alone. We want to keep clients in the loop and work collaboratively to get outcomes that more closely reflect the desires of our clients.

Communicative: Communication is one of the most powerful skills that a lawyer can have because we not only need this skill to understand our clients and guide them appropriately, but we also need communication skills to reach out to other parties and negotiate. Talking to other people is one of the most important elements of a lawyer’s job, and YD Legal has made communication one of our top priorities.

Compassionate: We know that our clients are going through trying times, and we want to ease the pain of our clients in whatever ways that we can. We always remain professional, but we understand that we’re dealing with humans, and we act accordingly. Our clients never feel like they are a cog in our legal machine.

Creative: While creativity isn’t generally a trait people associate with lawyers, out-of-the-box thinking can help us do better work on our cases. We always work within the law, but complex cases can require us to expand the ways we think. We are always learning so that we can do better for our clients in the future.

These traits show our work ethic and all the ways we try to help clients feel more confident about the legal process. Legal action can be scary, but it shouldn’t have to be.

How YD Legal Can Help

A personal injury attorney for hip-related issues in Columbus can help you build your legal case. We will guide you through your case and make sure that you get the best legal advice possible. We will communicate with insurance companies and other parties that will want to pay you less, and we will use investigative skills and legal expertise to show why you deserve more.

Construction Accident

Construction accidents are far too common, and they make construction one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Most of the claims related to construction are workers’ compensation, but there may be other legal actions that are applicable in certain cases. YD Legal wants to help you understand how construction accident cases work and why it is so important to find a good construction accident attorney in Columbus, OH, if you have been in a construction accident.

The Complications of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can cause many complications for people who suffer from them. These accidents can involve many parties, from the construction company to insurance agencies, engineers, landowners, and manufacturers. So many people are involved in the construction process, which means that getting your rightful compensation can be even more of a nightmare. Fortunately, a Columbus construction accident law firm can help you understand how to make the best decisions after a construction accident.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous areas that you can be in. In fact, the CDC suggests that construction areas have the most fatal accidents of any profession. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include:

  • Worker exhaustion
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Equipment failure
  • Gas injuries
  • Scaffolding issues
  • Falls
  • Hoist mishaps
  • Crane operator accidents
  • electrocution
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Explosions or fires
  • Debris or other objects

Who is Responsible for a Construction Accident?

Many people can have a fault in a construction accident. The exact breakdown of the fault will depend on the surrounding factors of your accident and the nature of your injuries.

  • Owners: The owners of a construction site may be liable because of their control over the site, but some owners might not have a lot of say in what happens on the construction site.
  • Construction companies: Some construction companies are not as careful as they should be. In some cases, the companies are accountable for injuries.
  • Contractors: Contractors have one of the most important roles on a construction site. Regulations require them to keep certain standards, and if they don’t keep these standards, they can be held responsible for the damage they have done.
  • Manufacturers: Defective equipment can cause injury, and in these cases, manufacturers may have the fault.
  • Engineers: Engineers frequently oversee construction projects, and it is their job to maintain a certain level of safety and verify that certain standards are being maintained.

A Columbus industrial accident lawyer can help you understand what kinds of legal actions you can take if you have a personal injury case from a construction accident.

What to Do If You Have Been Injured in a Construction Accident

To ensure that your case is as strong as it can be, you should take some precautions to make sure you jeopardize your case.

  • Always report on-the-job injuries. You’ll want to promptly go to a superior or company official to make sure your injury is on the record. Waiting could weaken your case.
  • Seek medical help. Again, you want to get your injury on the record and establish what has happened right away.
  • Keep a file of information related to the case so that nothing gets lost.
  • If you see anything relevant, taking pictures can ensure you have evidence and help your lawyers piece together information about your case.
  • Before settling, it’s always wise to seek a lawyer.

When you have a legal team, they can make sense of all the information you provide and start to assemble your case.

Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

Ohio is one of just four states that pays workers’ compensation through the state rather than through private insurance agencies. People can file their claims through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation using form U-3. When you file one of these claims, you will have to pay a fee, which will be at least $120. Some businesses may choose to insure themselves, but this is an unpopular choice, especially for small businesses, because it’s required to set money aside for potential claims.

In Ohio, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. What this means is that if you are on the job when you are hurt, you don’t have to prove that your employer’s negligence caused your injury. It doesn’t matter who or what was responsible for your injury; you can file for workers’ compensation if you have been injured on the job in Ohio.

Special Considerations

While workers’ compensation will cover most of the expenses related to your injury, there are some instances where you can seek other legal action to get fair compensation for what has happened to you.

When you file workers’ compensation, you generally cannot file a lawsuit against your employer. There are very limited exceptions. You can also file a lawsuit if your employer commits an intentional tort, such as assault. In these cases, you can file both workers’ comp and then file a lawsuit against your employer.

You also may be able to file additional legal actions against other parties that have caused your accident through their negligence. For example, if your injury was caused by equipment failure, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the equipment or against a company that maintains that equipment.

How a Columbus Construction Accident Injury Attorney Can Help You

We can help you by reviewing your case and helping you decide what steps you need to take going forward. Taking legal action of any kind can be intimidating, but at YD Legal, we want to ease your concerns and help you get the most compensation available. We can provide a Columbus construction accident lawyer who will tend to your needs. With a free consultation, we can discuss your case and answer any questions you may have.

Distracted Driving

Personal injury after a car crash can change your life forever. Distracted driving is one of the most hazardous types of accidents. These accidents have become especially salient in a technology-driven world.

When you have been in these accidents, you need a Columbus distracted driving injury lawyer to help. A lawyer will help you understand your rights and make the best legal decisions under your individual circumstances.

If you have been injured in an accident, our firm can provide a distracted driving attorney in Columbus, Ohio. We will explain what you can do under Ohio law to earn compensation for your injuries.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Most people have a pretty good idea of the basics of distracted driving, and they understand they shouldn’t text while driving. However, distracted driving entails a lot more than just texting. Anything you do while driving that takes your eyes, ears, or attention from maneuvering the car can count as distracted driving.

Most people think they are safe drivers. Many people are overconfident. Research shows that only four percent of people admit to being unsafe. Even so, the majority of drivers admitted to phone use while driving. Thus, distracted driving is all too common, and many people don’t fully grasp the danger of this behavior.

A car accident by a distracted driver shows you how terrible distracted driving can be. You likely want justice for what has happened to you. Our law firm has the tools and expertise to help you get on a path to success.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

No one is safe with distracted drivers on the road. Our legal firm has seen the devastating consequences of distracted driving. Drivers and passengers are at greater risk when drivers aren’t paying attention.

Our clients have ended up with a wide range of injuries, and these injuries have been financially, physically, and emotionally devastating. The worst part of distracted driving injuries is that they are preventable. But when they are not avoidable, our law firm strives to create better outcomes for our clients.

Types of Distracted Driving

Even one-second distractions can cause an accident. Many things can distract drivers, and the CDC suggests three main types of distractions that drivers face, and in our practice, YD Legal has seen all three of these types cause injury to our clients.


You may think looking away quickly can’t do much damage. Cars move so quickly that seconds can be the difference between life and death. Maybe you’re glimpsing at an accident on the side of the road, or you’re looking at landmarks. Whatever it is, visual distractions take your attention away from what you need to be looking at. Visual distractions can also include looking at texts or turning back to tend to your child.


When someone removes their hands from the steering wheel, they engage in a manual distraction. For example, someone who is eating and driving is distracted. Other people may try activities like doing their makeup in the car. Changing vehicle settings like the temperature or the radio is a manual distraction.


Even if you are looking ahead and are keeping your hands on the road, you can still be distracted. Your mind may be on things like what you have to get done at work or something you did yesterday. Drivers must be mentally present when they’re driving.

Examples of Distracted Driving

Knowing the main types of distracted driving can give you a good perspective. These examples highlight what we commonly see in Columbus personal injury cases at YD Legal.


The urge to multitask can be deadly. People who try to eat or do their makeup in the car put themselves and others in danger. It’s easy to think that you can do something, and maybe sometimes, people can get away with it. But one wrong moment can show how a distraction can do serious damage.

Technology Use

Technology is an essential part of all our lives. Still, technology is a significant distraction. Many people struggle to put their phones down in the car. Other technology like GPS can also provide distractions. It may be tempting to type a quick text, but our clients can tell you that it isn’t worth it.

Other People

Other people in your car can distract you. Children, passengers, or even pets can cause a lot of noise and make it hard to focus. You may think that you can talk and drive, but this may be hard to do. If you find yourself getting worked up or people around you are getting noisy, it’s best to pull off the road.

Some distractions are unavoidable. For example, if you’re driving with a baby in the car, they might cry. Distractions may be avoidable, but the way you handle those distractions is your choice.

Who Is Most At Risk?

Young people need to be especially vigilant on the road. Young people have less control and experience behind the wheel. They are also prone to using technological devices in the car. Additionally, young brains are not fully developed, so young people may act more impulsively. All of this is not to say young people cannot be safe drivers, but they are prone to distraction.

How to Prove a Distracted Driver Caused Your Accident

Even a knowledgeable Columbus distracted driving accident attorney must strive to show that another driver’s negligence has caused your injury. Some cases are more straightforward than others, but in any case, we put in the work required to get results. We work tirelessly to figure out what happened during your accident. We can then work towards reaching the goals that we have established with you based on your needs.

How a Columbus Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you think you need legal help, we want to help you piece together your case. Our job is to investigate the accident’s causes and show how the accident has caused your injuries. We also want to reach out to other parties involved and negotiate in your favor. Dealing with all these tasks can be hard when you’re working on your own, but when you choose YD Legal, you never have to do anything on your own, and you will have a whole team to support you.

Don’t Just Choose Any Columbus Distracted Driving Injury Lawyer

Our firm is committed to giving our clients the best. You can choose from a whole range of Columbus distracted driving lawyers. Not all of them will have our team’s resources, dedication, and communication skills.

We specialize in distracted driver cases. While these driver distractions may seem small, they are highly dangerous. We want to work with our clients to get appropriate compensation for any injuries. You can contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case and see if we can help you. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have and make sure our firm fits your unique needs.

Workplace Injury

Our workplace injury lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, help our clients seek monetary compensation for injuries caused in the workplace. With thousands of workplace injuries happening each year, many employees are forced to spend time away from work. Additionally, they may have restricted duties or be unable to do their jobs altogether.

Our legal team at YD Legal knows the ins and outs of workplace injury law. We want to help our clients understand how workplace injury cases work and help them through the process. Legal action can be overwhelming, but we can make it easier.

Types of Work Injuries

Our Columbus workplace injury attorney has seen firsthand that work-related injuries have many causes. Certain types of causes tend to occur most frequently. Injuries ranging from cuts to spinal injuries can all make it hard to work or do other daily functions.

Work injuries we see often are:

  • Assaults or attacks
  • Being hit by debris or falling objects
  • Muscle strain and exertion
  • Collisions and accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Animal attacks
  • Explosions or fires
  • Hazardous substances or environments
  • Machinery and equipment-related injuries
  • Slip and falls

If you are suffering from injuries in your workplace, our top-rated and experienced workplace injury lawyer in Columbus Ohio can help you understand your legal options under Ohio law.

What is Ohio’s Statute of Limitations for Workplace Injuries?

Ohio law dictates there people have two years to file a personal injury case. This date starts from the date of the injury. While you can wait two years to file a lawsuit, it’s best to file as soon as you can.

You should also keep in mind that receiving workers’ comp most often means you cannot sue your employer. However, in intentional tort cases, like assault, you may be able to file a lawsuit even after your workers’ comp claim.

What is Considered a Work-Related Injury in Ohio?

If you are at work or are doing your work duties and experience an injury, your injury is likely work-related. Even if your injuries are not your employer’s fault, you can still file a workers’ comp claim. Ohio law says that workers’ comp is no-fault in Ohio. You can also file additional legal actions against third parties who may be responsible for your injury.

Considerations When Determining Whether Your Injury is Work-Related

If you’re wondering about some of the options you may have beyond a workers’ comp claim, consider the following.

Intentional Torts

Intentional torts refer to someone that acts in a way they know will cause someone else damage. Sabotaging equipment or assaults are examples of intentional torts. You may have additional choices other than just a workers’ comp claim if you experience an intentional tort.

Third-Party Factors

In addition to workers’ comp claims, you can also pursue lawsuits against third parties. For instance, if your injury was caused by equipment failure, the manufacturer or a maintenance company may be responsible. If you pursue these lawsuits, you don’t have to forgo your workers’ comp

What Happens if You Don’t Report a Work Injury?

One of the best suggestions we can give is to always report work-related injuries. If you don’t report your injury, we will have a harder time assembling your case. In Ohio, you can file workers’ comp up to two years after your accident, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to notify your employer of your injury. Identifying your injury early makes your claim seem more valid.

You may be nervous about reporting your injuries because of pressures from your workplace or other anxieties. Even so, it’s valuable to get your injury on the record promptly.

Do I Need a Columbus Lawyer for a Work Injury?

Anyone can attempt to pursue a case on their own. Most people benefit from having a law firm like ours that can give them advice and ensure everything is done correctly. Lawyers know better than anyone how the legal system works. We help you use that system to your advantage.

A legal case can require resources that you don’t have readily available. Our firm saves you time, energy, and gets you better legal outcomes. A lawyer helps you know what you can do, and they let you know what decisions are most prudent in your case.

While you can try to start your case on your own, it may require time and energy that you don’t.

In What Ways Do I Prove a Work-Related Injury?

We can offer you a work-related injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, who can help you show that your injury was caused at or in relation to your work. We don’t even have to prove that your employer was negligent to file a successful workers’ compensation claim in Ohio.

How Our Columbus Work Injury Lawyers Can Help You?

A workplace injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, helps you understand your options. It’s our goal to make you feel confident and calm throughout the process. You don’t need more stress, and we want to put in effort so you can focus on feeling better and doing what makes you feel fulfilled. We offer a free consultation to determine if our firm fits your needs. We also want you to ask any questions so you can feel good about our services. We can help you with a claim or a lawsuit. Contact us today to get started.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are not only highly dangerous and can cause a lot of physical pain, but these accidents can also cause a lot of emotional pain. These accidents can be painful for everyone involved, but we want to help our clients manage some of their legal hardships and understand how the system can work in their favor. When trying to cross the road and crosswalk, drivers have a responsibility to be safe and follow regulations. Thus, when injuries occur during pedestrian accidents, hurt pedestrians may be entitled to damages. A pedestrian accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can help people who have experienced pedestrian accidents and get damages for those accidents. At YD Legal, we have lawyers ready to handle these kinds of cases, especially because these cases may make it extra challenging to determine liability.

Can I Claim Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident?

If you have been in a pedestrian accident within the two-year period of the statute of limitations for personal injury in Ohio, you may have a valid claim if you have been injured due to a pedestrian accident and if your accident has caused pain and suffering.

What Happens if a Pedestrian Caused an Accident?

There are some occasions when the pedestrian may be negligent and has caused the accident; however, this is generally hard to prove, and the law tends to favor the pedestrians, especially because the pedestrian is more likely to be seriously injured in this case. With all that being said, if a pedestrian causes an accident, that does not mean you are liable. In these cases, it is a good idea to seek the guidance of a lawyer to make sure that your rights are protected.

What Types of Compensation May an Injured Pedestrian Recover?

Injured pedestrians may receive financial compensation for their injuries. This money can extend beyond just their medical costs as well. These damages can include lost income, emotional suffering, etc. Thus, a lawyer can help clients calculate how much damages they may receive in a settlement or in court.

Who Else May Be Liable?

Anyone who is part of the accident can be liable,  but generally, in these cases, it is the driver who is at fault, and the goal of lawyers is to prove negligence, which suggests that the at-fault driver failed to tend to their duty towards the other people on the road.

Some common driver negligence can include:

  • Going through red traffic lights or ignoring other traffic signals
  • Distracted driving, like texting
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding or breaking other traffic rules
  • Reckless driving
  • Refusing to fully stop at stop signs

Some negligence on the part of a pedestrian may include:

  • Walking in places that are unsafe and marked to not allow pedestrians
  • Walking with distractions, such as a phone, that causes the pedestrian to wander from safety
  • Jaywalking or crossing when traffic signals are red

In select scenarios, other groups may be liable for these types of accidents, such as if a pedestrian walking light was broken or other similar issues, but that is not usually the case.

What Are the Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

There are many causes for pedestrian accidents that may lead to litigation. Some of the top causes are:

  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Failure to abide by traffic lights or signals
  • Hit and run
  • Speeding
  • Parking
  • Reversing
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Texting or using a cell phone

If these factors apply to your case, a Columbus pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help. However, you need to keep in mind that these factors do not guarantee a case. You will need the help of a lawyer to explore your legal options. With the help of a consultation with a Columbus pedestrian accident attorney, you can determine if you have a viable pedestrian accident case.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can do a lot of physical and emotional damage to all parties involved, and these kinds of accidents often have high rates of injury. For those who have experienced a bike accident in Columbus, finding a bicycle accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can ensure that they get the best possible outcomes.

What Do I Do Immediately After I’ve Been in a Bicycle Accident?

Take these steps after a bike accident to ensure that you are safe and have the evidence you need to have a stronger case.

  1. Remove yourself from further damage and away from traffic.
  2. Call emergency services, which may include an ambulance and police. Even if the accident doesn’t seem major, you’ll want the police to come to take your information and create a report of what happened.
  3. Share information with any other parties involved in the accident. Trading insurance is still important in bicycle accidents as long as a car or other type of vehicle is involved.
  4. Take photos of the scene to capture what happened if you get the chance and can do so safely.
  5. Seek medical help. Even if you don’t think your injuries are major, seeking help can make sure that if you do have any injuries, they are on the record and noted right away. Some injuries may not be apparent until later, which is why being checked over can help.
  6. Preserve your clothes and other belongings as much as you can because these may be useful to your lawyer, so make sure to get the okay before wearing those clothes again.
  7. Keep an organized file of all your information so that you don’t lose anything important.

What is the Ohio Statute of Limitations for Bike Accidents?

For personal injury claims in Ohio, you have two years from the time of the accident in most cases. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as minors having extensions to the statute of limitations. The best advice is to seek legal help sooner rather than later in these types of cases.

At What Point Should You Consult a Bike Accident Lawyer?

A Columbus bike accident lawyer is a good choice for anyone who has been in a serious bike-related accident, but this is especially true if you have suffered injuries based on someone else’s negligence.

Why Do You Need a Bike Attorney?

In cases of bike accidents, figuring out what happened is sometimes a struggle, and we can help piece that together and help you complete your legal case. Most people don’t get reasonable settlements when they try to fight their own legal battles.

What Types of Compensation Are Recoverable in a Bicycle Accident Claim?

These types of cases result in financial compensation, but this compensation can account for a range of damages, such as financial losses, property damage, medical costs, and emotional suffering. Thus, we can help you calculate all these damages and maximize the money you get.

What Can I Expect When I Call for My Free Consultation and Case Evaluation?

When you call for a consultation and case evaluation, we can determine where your case stands legally and if our firm is a good fit for you. We can also help you by answering any outstanding questions that you may have.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Our firm can offer you a Columbus bicycle accident lawyer who is sure to fight for your interests. We have expertise in personal injury law, and we’ve been in the business for years, honing our skills in this area. Thus, we can help you when you most need our help.

Back and Spinal Cord Injury

If you have a painful or debilitating back or spinal cord injury, you may be looking for a back and spinal cord injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. Back and spinal injuries can be some of the most debilitating and life-changing personal injuries, which is why finding a committed law firm that has experience with these types of injuries is so vital.

As some of the hardest conditions, spinal cord injuries can make you feel hopeless and exhausted, but YD Legal wants to boost you in whatever ways we can and get you a settlement or verdict that helps you with the damages caused by your injury.

What is the Average Settlement for a Spinal Injury

Giving average settlements isn’t generally useful to potential clients because the settlements can vary greatly based on the individual cases. Before we can suggest what kind of settlement you will get, we have to first understand your case in a consultation.

What is the most Serious Spinal Injury?

There are many types of spinal injuries, and how serious these injuries depend on a number of factors. Not everyone will have the same recovery prognosis, but every person who endures a spinal injury is bound to have some degree of suffering and recovery they go through. These conditions get incredibly expensive on a number of levels and can impede daily functioning and finding joy.

There are four sections of the spine that section off certain areas and vertebrae. In general, when you have damage to higher vertebrae, you have more complications because your damage is closer to the brain, which means that the damage influences more bodily functions. High cervical spine injuries usually cause death or intense loss of function.The most feared result for those with spinal cord injury is paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries often change people’s lives forever, which is why it can be so beneficial to have a Columbus spinal cord injury attorney who knows how to fight for those who have had these debilitating and painful injuries.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in Ohio

Even if you think you cannot afford our services, we may be able to still take your case. For personal injury cases, we use a contingency fee, which means that we have clients pay at the end of the case; we take a certain percentage of the settlement or jury verdict. Thus, you don’t have to pay the legal fees for your case upfront, and we can give a better idea of how our system works when you schedule a free consultation with us.

Has Anyone Ever Recovered from a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries often have permanent ramifications, even though some recovery and skills can be learned to mask the injury. Unfortunately, while the body is usually very good at recovering, neurons in your central nervous system don’t have the same level of regeneration, which means that the damage could be irreparable. Yet, due to neuroplasticity, human bodies can adjust to the damage and change the way it uses neural pathways.

The level of recovery often depends on how many lasting neural pathways you have after your injury. The healing process can be long and expensive, both because spinal cord injuries may impede your ability to work and you probably will require extensive medical treatment for a long time with these conditions. We are not doctors, but we take the time to understand what people with spinal conditions are up against and how that heavily impacts their lives and points to them deserving compensation.

Contact a Back Injury Lawyer, Columbus, Ohio

When you’ve got an injury, it can be hard to do the things that you love and engage in the world the way you’re used to. It’s a hard adjustment, and you might be overwhelmed by everything that is happening. We understand that. We know how hard a spinal or back injury is for those who suffer from them and their loved ones.

You may not understand the options that you have and how to best protect your legal needs. That’s what we are here for. We can guide you through all the legal complications so that you can focus on recovery and enriching your life in whatever ways you can. You have enough going on that you don’t need to worry about what your legal team is up to on top of everything else.

You don’t have to fight to earn what you deserve for your injuries alone because a back and spinal injury lawyer knows the best methods to use to get you the compensation you need and deserve for the suffering that you or a loved one have to endure. We cannot fix your injury, but we can help you move forward. With a free consultation, our family can start to help yours.

Slip and Fall

When a person falls after slipping, it can cause a lot of damage, and it’s not uncommon for lawsuits to arise as a result of those accidents, which can sometimes change a person’s life forever or, at the very least, may cause a lot of suffering. Those who live in the Columbus area may benefit from a Columbus slip and fall accident lawyer who knows how the law functions in Ohio and in the Columbus court system. This type of accident falls under premises liability.

Various Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many reasons a slip and fall accident may happen, but some that happen frequently are:

  • Wet floors without any warning
  • Things that have fallen on the floor
  • Damaged surfaces that may be uneven
  • Work zones that are dangerous and do not take the right precautions

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Some of the most common slip and fall injuries are:

  • Spinal injury
  • Abrasions and Cuts
  • Head injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Sprains and broken bones

Why Should I Call A Slip & Fall Accidents Lawyer After a Fall in Ohio?

A slip and fall attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can explain potential liability and detail what plaintiffs may stand to gain in slip and fall cases. If you think that you have slipped and fallen due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Are Business Owners Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Yes, business owners may be liable for slip and fall accidents if those accidents are caused by negligence, meaning that business owners must have a duty of care that they have breached, which results in the injury of the plaintiff. If someone is hurt on the property due to negligence, a business owner can be accountable.

Are Homeowners Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents on Their Property?

If you have visitors (or even trespassers), you may be liable if they are injured. For example, a homeowner may have liability if someone slips and falls on ice on their sidewalk. A homeowner has a duty to keep their property safe for anyone who is on that property, which can be licensees (those allowed to be on the property), invitees (those invited to property such as postage people or workers), or even trespassers (people not permitted on the property, like salespeople going door to door).

What Damages Can I Recover from a Slip and Fall Case?

Without seeing the case, we cannot predict how much your damages may be in a slip and fall case. We need to see the details to do a more accurate analysis of what compensation you might get based on how the fall has impacted your life and well-being. We also need to evaluate the negligence of the owner of the property.

With the help of a Columbus slip and fall personal injury attorney, you will maximize your potential gains because those who seek the help of lawyers tend to have a better resolution of their case than those who try to go it alone. Lawyers at our firm have trained and continue to train to learn the newest laws and legal precedents. Thus, we help our clients in ways that they might not be able to do on their own. Furthermore, we know the right kinds of resources to invest in a case so that we don’t waste anyone’s resources, including our own.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer FAQs

If you decide to seek the help of a local slip and fall lawyer in Columbus, there may be some questions that you want to ask, and these questions are idea questions to jot down when you are going to a consultation with a law firm. Lawyers can give you a better idea of the results your case may have based on past experience and legal knowledge.

  • Does my case seem strong?
  • How much are lawyer fees for a slip and fall case?
  • How long do slip and fall settlements take?
  • How much can you get for a slip and fall?
  • What are the causes of slip and fall accidents in Ohio that have real results?
  • What to do after a slip and fall accident to have the best possible legal options?
  • How do lawyers prove liability in slip and fall cases?

Contact a Columbus Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you are concerned about your legal rights, a consultation with a Columbus slip and fall accident attorney can help you understand what your legal options are and if you can get compensation for your damages. Don’t just choose any slip and fall law firm in Ohio. Choose one that knows their business and who has lawyers with hands-on experience with slip and fall cases. We have decades of experience, and our team has shown our skill through our work with past clients. Our family will strive to help yours.

Premises Liability

When someone is injured due to a mishap of a defect on someone’s property, a Columbus premises liability attorney can take the case. With premises liability cases, they are cases of negligence, meaning that you must be owed a duty by the other person or group and that they failed to meet that duty. These cases are often referred to as slip and fall cases. These injuries can be highly detrimental and impact your entire life, which is why you may want to fight for compensation.

How Do You Win a Premises Liability Case?

To win a premises liability case, you must show that the defendant had a duty to you and that due to their failure to fulfill that duty, you have been injured. In these kinds of cases, it can be difficult or complicated to showcase this scenario. “You must also define why you were on the property. You might be there as an invitee, which means you were invited onto the property.”

For example, if you go to a store to shop, are considered to be a business invitee. The business owner has a duty to protect you from certain dangers, like a spill that could lead to a fall; therefore, the inviter has a duty to protect you from certain dangers, like a spill that could lead to a fall. There are some exceptions to this. For one, when a hazard is open and obvious, meaning that it is a known danger, the invitee is expected to safeguard themselves from it. Furthermore, those who use a property recreationally don’t get the same protections.

Another example of a use of a premise is a licensed use, and owners must extend their duty of care to these people as well. Finally, there are trespassers, and they too may have a case for premises liability. The key to these types of cases is the owners must know the people are present on their land. There are also special protections granted to children.

If these conditions reflect your case, you may have a viable premise liability case. Of course, there’s a lot more nuance in the legal measures than reflected in the above paragraphs, but the goal was to give you a basic understanding so that you know whether to take the next step and get a consultation.

Statute of Limitations in These Cases

In the state of Ohio, personal injury claims have a two-year statute of limitations starting from the date of the injury. Minors are protected with additional time under Ohio law.

Are You Liable if Someone Hurts Themselves on Your Property?

If you are the owner of a property and someone has hurt themselves, you can consult the above points to determine if it would be wise to seek legal assistance. In many cases, you may be liable for damages, especially if a child is involved. When in doubt, always seek legal advice because it’s better to seek it early before a case gets out of your control. It’s advisable to take precautions to ensure that your property is safe and warn people of potential dangers to protect yourself and others. You may think that you should be able to do whatever you want with your property, but that does not reflect Ohio’s law.

Is Premises Liability a Negligence Claim?

Yes, premises liability cases are negligence claims, so you must prove that the defendant caused your injury and that it was caused by their negligence.

What are the Most Common Premises Liability Claims?

Some of the major causes for premises liability injuries include:

  • Slip and fall cases
  • Dog and other animal attacks
  • Security negligence
  • Poor maintenance leading to injury

Steps to Take After a Commercial Premises Liability Accident

The first steps to take are to document any injuries and seek medical help so that you have a consistent record of your injuries. Reports, pictures, and other documentation can help you bring a stronger case. You will want to hire a lawyer as soon as possible because fast action can ensure better outcomes and preserve evidence.

Why Should I Hire a Premise Lawyer?

A Premises liability lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can make or break your case. If you or a loved one has been unfairly injured on someone else’s property due to negligence, you need to have a team who will support you and guide you to the best legal outcomes.

We Can Help

If you have a premises liability lawsuit in Ohio, look no further. Our premises liability law firm in Columbus, Ohio, can offer you the help you need to deal with a premises liability claim. You may be wondering if you even have a case and have a lot of questions. A free consultation with one of our lawyers can help clarify some of the concerns that you may have and give you the wisdom you need to either pursue a case or drop the matter.

Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites are painful, and they can lead to painful consequences for everyone involved. If you are concerned about your legal options related to dog bites, you can find a Columbus dog bite injury attorney at YD Legal, who can help you mitigate the damages done to you because of that dog bite.

Why Do I Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

A dog attack attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can give you the insight you need to make ideal legal decisions based on your individual dog bite case. Hiring an attorney can help you get the most financial compensation, and research has proven that using an attorney gets people more money and improved outcomes.

An attorney can help you determine the nature of your case. For example, some cases may be strict liability cases, meaning that the owner of the dog doesn’t have to be aware of the dog’s potential to bite for you to get damages. Another option is a negligence case, which requires you to prove that the owner was negligent in that they know the dog may act aggressively, such as the dog biting someone before.

When to Contact a Dog Bite Attorney?

If you have any damages—financial, emotional, or physical— contacting an attorney can help you understand your options before the statute of limitations runs out. Swift legal actions can make your case stronger and help you get the results you want.

Who Can Be Accountable for an Attack?

Owners are the main group of people who are held responsible for dog attacks. However, they are not the only ones who may be accountable. Other keepers of the dog may also be liable. For example, if someone is walking their friend’s dog at the time of the attack, they may be responsible as a keeper of the dog. Another type of person who may be responsible for a dog attack in Ohio is a harborer, which is a person who may have a stray dog living on the property that they may not own, but they may give food to or temporary shelter.

What to do in a Dog Bite Situation?

Once your medical needs are taken care of, it’s a good choice to contact a lawyer. You’ll also want to ensure that you keep all records of the bites. Taking pictures, compiling medical files, and keeping other reports can help you maintain evidence and ensure that nothing gets lost. Calling the police at the time of the attack can also ensure that you have appropriate records.

Is It Worth Suing for a Dog Bite Injury?

The answer to this question depends on your losses. While you may be looking at this question in financial terms, you also have to look at the other costs of legal actions. Assuming the payout is there, it’s also important to consider the emotional side of the process and how legal action may impact you. We can guide you through these concerns, and in some cases, we can ease your burden through settlements over trials. If you’re hesitant and unsure if your case is worth it, we can help you understand the facts and your likelihood of desired outcomes.

How Much is a Dog Bite Injury Worth?

A dog injury can be worth a significant amount of money when cases are either brought to court or settled outside of court. Yet, there is no easy way to tell what the results may be.

How Much Can You Sue for a Dog Bite Injury?

Just as in the above, more general question, there’s no sure answer to this question of how much you can get from a lawsuit. The damages done by dog bites vary greatly, which means that so does the payout and potential financial compensation. We cannot say what the payout will be without analyzing your individual situation.

Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering From a Dog Bite?

It is possible to sue based on your pain and suffering. Dog bites can cause immense pain and both physical and emotional trauma, which can have devastating impacts on a person’s life.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t just choose any Columbus dog bite attorney. Our team of attorneys and paralegals has proven for over twenty years that we know our business. We know how the systems work and can guide you through a process that seems daunting to those who have experienced it before.

A dog bite injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, from YD Legal, can help you deal with the aftermath of a dog bite. Our family is here to help yours, and we do this with as much speed, experience, and attention to detail as we can. We know how hard personal injuries can be for families and those trying to recover from serious injuries, but we want to make the process as easy as we can, and we hope that you will let us help you fight for results.

Uninsured Accident

Ohio law states that you must have a certain level of liability insurance in case of accidents. If you do not have this insurance, you cannot drive a car legally and may suffer consequences if you drive without it. In Ohio, you must have at least $25,000 in liability coverage. Even so, many drivers do not have insurance and still drive, which can lead to nightmarish situations when accidents do happen. Some insurance companies may offer you uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which means that your policy will cover the damages in such cases, but if you don’t have that policy, that coverage will not come from your insurance company.

When an uninsured or underinsured driver is part of an accident, it can be a huge hassle and a situation full of stress on all sides. When you hire a Columbus uninsured motorist accident attorney, you can improve your outcomes and ensure that you make the best legal options given your decision. Choosing a strong firm can make a difference in your legal outcomes.

Can I Sue an Uninsured Motorist?

The police will let you know at the scene of an accident if the other person was underinsured or uninsured, and when that happens, you can sue an uninsured or underinsured motorist if they are at fault for the accident and have caused damages. Unfortunately, many people who are uninsured are not well-off, meaning that it’s best to use your coverage for uninsured motorists if you have it. You can turn to legal proceedings to get your money when possible. Lawyers can often help clients discover hidden assets that could be used and install payment plans through the court.

When you hire a Columbus underinsured driver accident attorney from our firm, you can weigh out your options and hopefully get the best possible legal results.No matter what your situation, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer when you are in an accident with

Does Being Underinsured Cover Pain and Suffering?

You can get compensation for pain and suffering, even in the cases of someone being underinsured.

What Happens If You are Underinsured and Have an Accident?

You may be wondering what happens if you are underinsured and have an accident. If you drive uninsured, you are breaking the law. The truth is that nothing good is bound to happen, especially if there is severe property damage or injuries. If you drive underinsured and are at fault for an accident in Ohio, you are responsible for the costs of damages in that accident. Thus, not having insurance can result in steep costs.

Consequences of a Collision with an Uninsured Driver?

The consequences can be great for you because when someone isn’t insured, dealing with damages becomes a giant headache for everyone involved. When a driver is uninsured, there can be massive costs that go unpaid by insurance companies.

Pursuing Compensation from an Uninsured Driver

Uninsured drivers complicate your life, and if you have extensive damages, you may not be sure what is the best way to get suitable compensation, and insurance companies will want to pay as little as possible. We can help. When you hire a Columbus underinsured accident lawyer, you put your best foot forward, and you set yourself up for success. You cannot get the legal outcomes you want if you don’t invest in legal resources.

Don’t just choose any Columbus uninsured accident lawyer. Select one from a firm that has decades of experience handling issues just like these. Our legal team is a family-run operation, meaning that we want to use our family to help you get the best legal outcomes available. We can help you understand how to make the most out of a terrible experience.

Truck Accident

Truck accidents are some of the most gruesome accidents, and they can cause severe consequences. They also engage not only insurance companies and drivers, but they also often involve truck companies. Therefore, these situations can get complicated and confusing quickly, and if you have lots of personal damages, it’s important to have someone looking out for your best interests and legal options.

What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

A commercial vehicle accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio, helps local people deal with the legal ramifications of truck accidents, and they can serve as an advocate in civil suits. The ultimate goal of a truck accident attorney is to ensure that people get as much compensation as they can for all damages, including to their vehicle or other property, lost wages, or medical costs. A good lawyer will make sure that you file everything you need to in a timely matter and know the legal parameters of Ohio.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

If you live in Columbus, hiring a Columbus truck accident lawyer is a valuable tool at your disposal because you’ll have enough to deal with, and by hiring a lawyer, you not only protect your interests, but you lessen the big list of time and energy you would otherwise have to exert. Truck accidents have special parameters because there are more regulations for trucks, which can play a role in your case.

Types of Commercial Trucks that Cause Accidents

There are several types of trucks that can cause accidents. These include:

  • semi-trucks
  • tanker trucks
  • courier or delivery trucks
  • sanitation trucks
  • dump trucks and cement mixers
  • flatbed trucks

What Damages Can You Potentially Recover?

Many types of damage may occur in a truck accident. Some losses you can claim include:

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Lost income due to the crash or future income
  • Loss of consortium

Who is Liable?

Who is liable will depend on the exact accident, but with truck accidents, there are more parties who may share liability. The main two parties that people consider are, of course, the drivers in the accident, but truck companies may hold some responsibility in the accident, too, which a lawyer can help you determine. Because of having more regulations, truck companies may be accountable if they do not enforce or properly implement certain procedures. For example, truck drivers are only allowed to drive for so long during twenty-four-hour periods, and they are required to take a certain number of breaks.

When Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer After an Accident?

While hiring an attorney probably won’t be your first thought after an accident, hiring an attorney and having a consultation is a smart idea as soon as you get the chance. A truck accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can make sure that you take important steps to preserve your case and protect your interests. When you don’t have a lawyer on your side, it’s too easy to make snap decisions before you have consulted a professional who understands the law. Truck companies and insurance companies often want to expedite things and lower their own costs, which can come at your expense, which is why an attorney is a useful investment after a truck accident.

Should I Get a Truck Accident Lawyer for an Accident that Was My Fault?

If the accident was your fault, it is still wise to seek out a lawyer. The lawyer can help mitigate the consequences you have to face and give you valuable guidance about how you should respond to the accident. Don’t communicate with other parties more than you have to. By going through a lawyer first, you can protect yourself better. Do not leave the scene and cooperate with other parties, but you do not need to give away a surplus of information before getting legal help.

What is a Good Settlement Offer for a Truck Accident?

The answer to this question will vary greatly based on the damages done and the nature of the case, so it’s almost impossible to estimate without the specifics of a case. Yet, serious car crashes can often come with serious compensation.

What Do I Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

You may be wondering what to do after an accident with a large commercial truck, and one of the biggest things you should do once you have established your safety and dealt with the immediate and necessary first responses to an accident is to contact a Columbus semi-truck accident attorney, but first, it helps to learn about what you can do immediately after the accident has happened to improve your case.

You’ll want to first call emergency services, which can include police and ambulance services if needed. You may think that the police aren’t necessary, but they will make a report of what happened, which your insurer may require and can help if you require legal action. While you wait for first responders, you can start to exchange information with any other parties in the accident (unless medical necessity prohibits this). If there are any witnesses around, it’s good to gather their contact information as well.

The collection of evidence is also important. The police will help with this, but there are steps you can take for your own personal record. For example, you can take photos of the scene and any injuries that you may have. Keeping this record can provide beneficial information and evidence when building your case.

Get checked out by medical professionals. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, if you think you could have been injured at all, it’s better to seek medical help. Sometimes, you might not notice injuries right away, and when this happens, delayed treatment can worsen your prognosis, and it can be worse for your case. It’s better to get medical attention promptly and ensure that any injuries, even seemingly small ones, are documented.

Keep a record of everything. You’ll want to ensure that all the information you have is in one file so that nothing gets lost. Staying organized can make a major difference in your legal outcome.

When all of that is completed, finding a lawyer is a good choice. A Columbus 18 wheeler accident attorney should be someone who understands the challenges and nuances of a case with a semi-truck. Truck cases are often more complex than normal car accidents, and while the results can be equally devastating, truck accidents tend to come with a lot more stress. Therefore, you need a team that knows exactly what they’re up against.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents in Ohio?

Generally speaking, for these kinds of accidents, you have two years to file your lawsuit starting from the day the accident happens. There are some exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, two years is the limit. Nevertheless, you should not wait two years before you file your lawsuit because it is better to file your claims as early as you can. These kinds of things take time, and when you wait to start legal action, you may run out of time. Furthermore, evidence is best preserved when it’s fresh. You may lose important evidence, such as witnesses won’t remember information as clearly, or certain details may be lost. Furthermore, trucking companies only keep certain files on hand for so long, so if you don’t act promptly, you may lose some of their information that could help your case.

What Questions Should I Ask a Lawyer About a Truck Accident?

  • Do I have a worthwhile case?
  • What kind of compensation can I expect?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Should I pursue legal action?

Rideshare Accident

Ridesharing is a great option for many people, but it can become a nightmare when an accident occurs—for everyone involved. In these situations, if you live near or in Columbus, it’s important to find a Columbus Uber & Lyft accident lawyer who can help you win your case and make things easier for you. When there are personal injuries or other damages, things can easily spiral out of control and become far more complicated than you were prepared to handle. In these types of accidents, not only do you have to deal with the other parties in the accidents, but you also have to manage insurance companies and rideshare platforms. It certainly can become a headache, and that’s where we can help.

Who is Liable in a Rideshare Accident

Deciding who is liable will require investigation to determine who is at fault and what exactly happened to cause that accident.

How To Handle Accidents When You Are a Passenger in a Rideshare Vehicle

The best thing that you can do is stay calm and make sure that everybody is okay. You can also report your experience to Uber and serve as a valuable witness of what happened.

How to File a Claim with Uber Insurance

When you report your accident, Uber will guide you through the process of how to file these claims, so you won’t have to worry too much about these procedures, and they should be fairly straightforward to set into motion (but a lawyer can help you protect your interests).

What About Lyft Insurance?

The same process as for Uber insurance is true for Lyft insurance. Their steps will vary slightly, but you should get through the process with relative ease. A Columbus Lyft car accident lawyer can ease this process, and they can make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Ride Share Accident FAQs

Will Uber’s Insurance Policy Cover Your Accident?

Things get a little complicated when you are a rideshare driver. For example, your insurance may not cover the accident because when you are using your car for ridesharing, they may consider you to be a commercial driver. Thus,it’s important to have rideshare insurance so that liability and collisions are covered. Because these things get so complicated, hiring a lawyer is your best bet in these situations.

What Happens if You Get in an Accident While Driving for Uber?

The first thing that Uber suggests its drivers do is to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the collision. Safety should be your first priority. You’ll then want to contact Uber (or other rideshare services) and tell them about the crash. The claims team will help by gathering important information. You may also want to take steps for your personal record and document what has happened through pictures and other documents. Calling the police is also a good idea because the police report can be a helpful resource. Furthermore, calling your insurance company and getting the information from other parties is a must.

You don’t want to just rely on Uber’s claims team because they are looking out for their interests and not yours, which is why having a lawyer can be helpful. If you are concerned about legal ramifications, a consultation with a Columbus Uber accident attorney can help you understand what your legal options are and if you can be held responsible for damages.

What to Do After an Uber Accident (or other rideshare services)?

Hiring a Columbus rideshare accident lawyer can ensure that you understand the options you have and your legal situation. If you believe that you have a case, please contact us for a free consultation that can help you understand your options and how to deal with your case going forward. Some other questions you may want to ask at are consultation are:

  • What Happens if Your Uber Gets in an Accident?
  • The Insurance Option for Victims of Ohio Uber and Lyft Accidents
  • Compensation for Uber or Lyft Accidents in Ohio
  • Types of Damages in an Ohio Uber or Lyft Accident
  • How Do I Report an Accident With a Lyft or Uber Driver?
  • Can You Sue Uber or Lyft?

Civil Rights Claims

If you live near Columbus and you feel that your civil rights have been violated, finding a civil rights lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, is an important next step. People who have been discriminated against deserve a human rights law firm in Columbus, Ohio, that will fight for all the valuable civil rights that humans should have. There aren’t a lot of famous civil rights attorneys in Columbus, but there are many who have worked diligently for years, choosing to fight for what’s right over reveling in glory. The bottom line is that YD Legal believes in the worth of all humans, and for that reason, we excel at fighting for those rights.

What is a Civil Rights Violation?

There are certain rights that are given to all people and that are built to prevent discrimination and unfair treatment. The Founding Fathers of the United States wished to prevent tyranny, and over the years, these rights have been added to and reinterpreted by the courts, showing the dynamic nature of civil rights. Civil rights are protections that the law gives to people to ensure legal equality. What this means is that no matter what religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., people are guaranteed certain privileges like education, voting, government services, and legal protections. The U.S. has some federal civil rights protections in place, but each state also has its own civil rights laws, which can influence these kinds of cases.

Types of Civil Rights Violations

There is a range of civil rights violations that can result in civil rights cases. For example, one of the main types of civil rights violations refers to discriminatory behavior. There are certain things that the U.S. federally protects against (and states may have additional categories in place). These groups are:

  • National origin
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Race

The United States Constitution gives all people several freedoms (with some exceptions and nuances based on court interpretations). These freedoms are the cornerstone of civil liberty and the legal system. These freedoms include:

  • The right to an attorney
  • Freedom of speech and press
  • Right to due process
  • Religious freedom
  • The right to assemble and protest
  • Equal protection under the law
  • Right against any illegal searches or seizures

While there are other rights granted to the people, these rights represent the main ones that civil rights attorneys deal with. These freedoms are meant to extend to all citizens. If you suspect that these rights have been violated, you may have a civil rights case.

Receiving Compensation for a Civil Rights Violation

The best way to get compensation is to find a civil rights violation attorney in Columbus. While you may be tempted to fight for yourself, people get more compensation and have a better chance of success in cases when they are represented by a lawyer. Law firms have resources and expertise that ordinary people do not. 

How Much Does a Civil Rights Attorney Cost?

Civil rights cases can be huge and cumbersome to afford. Hiring a lawyer for anything can be expensive, but in civil rights cases, it is common for lawyers to only take payment if they win a case. Not all lawyers charge for all the cases they do. Many lawyers like to give back, which is why there are pro bono civil rights lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, who want to help people who don’t necessarily have the means to help themselves. In our firm, we tend to use flat rates paid by the hours for cases not related to personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. You can contact us for more information.

When Should I Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer?

If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, it is advisable that you seek a consultation with an attorney who can determine if a civil rights suit is appropriate given your circumstances.

What Does a Civil Rights Lawyer Do?

A Columbus civil rights attorney fights for clients by using the Ohio civil rights laws and precedents. Civil rights attorneys and Civil rights defense attorneys in Columbus strengthen the legal system and must reach high standards to prove their cases. Civil rights are vital to the well-being of democracy and the legal system itself, which is why lawyers generally take these types of cases very seriously, understanding the importance of such work.

Medical Negligence

Dealing with medical negligence can be frustrating and exhausting. It may feel as though you are up against bigger forces than you can deal with. In these cases, that is perfectly normal to feel, and dealing with all those feelings in addition to handling your injury is a challenge, but our law firm can help you find balance. A Columbus medical negligence lawyer is familiar with how courts in the area function and has experience with the medical negligence laws in Ohio. If you or a loved one has suffered from medical negligence, we may be able to help.

What Can Be Considered Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or other healthcare provider fails to meet their duty of care and that failure leads to a patient having an injury, harm, or financial damages.

Types of Medical Negligence

There are multiple types of medical negligence, and some of the main areas of negligence in the medical profession are:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Infections
  • Medical device failure
  • Birth injury
  • Prescribing the wrong drugs
  • Not having a patient’s full consent before treatment
  • Not treating the patient

What are the Four Ds of Medical Negligence

Our Columbus medical negligence law firm is highly familiar with the four Ds of medical negligence. These four Ds generally dictate what you need to prove in a medical malpractice case.

  • Duty (proving that the medical professional had a duty of care to you, such as you being their patient)
  • Deviation from care (highlighting that they did not complete their duty of care in whatever way)
  • Direct cause (you must prove that the doctor’s lack of care caused your injury)
  • Damages (you must show that you have had had some kind of damages, such as financial or physical damage, or both)

How Do I Know if I Have a Medical Negligence Case?

If some of the details above seem to apply to you, you may have a medical negligence case, and to get further information, you can contact our law firm to get a free consultation to see how your case fits with the law and to analyze what kind of compensation you may get.

What is the Average Payout for Medical Negligence in Ohio?

The only way to know how strong your claim could be is to seek the advice of a Columbus doctor negligence lawyer, who specializes in advocating for those who have suffered because of medical negligence.

How Long Does a Medical Negligence Claim Take in Ohio?

You may be wondering how long does it take to settle a medical negligence claim. The answer varies. These cases can take months, which is why it is a good idea to file your case as soon as you can. Some cases take longer than others, and a lot of these factors deal with the nature of your case.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Medical Malpractice Case in Ohio?

For medical malpractice, generally speaking, you have one year to file your suit from the time you have finished treating with your doctor or from when your injury occurs. If you have not discovered an injury for several years, you have a four-year window. For certain conditions, the law is a little different, but these limitations fit most cases.

Can a Family Member Sue for Medical Negligence?

If a family member has died because of medical negligence, you may be able to get compensation through a wrongful death case.

Seek Help Today

Our firm can offer you a knowledgeable hospital negligence lawyer near Columbus. If you have suffered from a medical malpractice injury, you can get compensation for the damages that have been done to you, and our firm has decades of expertise to help you out.

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home malpractice lawyers in Columbus ensure that the vulnerable people in nursing homes get the care they need and that practitioners are held accountable for their treatment of such people. Unfortunately, these kinds of issues can be all too common because research from the National Association of Nursing Home Attorneys suggests that 90% of nursing homes do not have enough staff for adequate care.

Furthermore, ten percent of elders over the age of sixty have been victims of some type of elder abuse; though, this is not always done by nursing homes and can be through children or spouses as well. However, it is clear that the treatment of those in nursing homes reflects the broader culture of mistreatment of the elderly and other disadvantaged parties.

What is Considered Negligence in Nursing Homes?

A Columbus nursing home negligence attorney will work hard to fight against negligence or abuse in nursing homes. Negligence refers to a case where a duty of care is established, and that care is not upheld, resulting in some type of damage (physical, financial, mental, etc.). Staff at nursing homes must take care of their residents, and the failure to tend to needs can result in legal action.

These issues can include not just typical neglectful care (as in ignoring or not responding to issues and patient needs) but outright abusive tactics as well. There are five major categories of elder abuse (while not all people in nursing homes are elders, 88 percent are over sixty-five):

  • Psychological abuse (11.6%)
  • Financial Exploitation (6.8%)
  • Sexual (6.8%)
  • Neglect (4.2%)
  • Physical abuse (2.6%)

Unfortunately, many nursing home issues are underreported or unreported, and only about one-fifth of abuse cases are reported. This is especially troublesome because people in nursing homes are often more prone to abuse. For example, dementia and disabilities can make it hard for those in nursing homes to realize what is happening or have the power to stop it. Additionally, families may also not realize what is going on.

What Laws Protect Nursing Home Patients?

Each state has an Adult Protection Services agency to ensure people are protected from this kind of abuse. There are also both federal and state laws that try to protect elders and disabled people. These laws can be hard for non-professionals to fully understand, and most people don’t have the time or energy to do extensive research on the topic. Therefore, a Columbus nursing home abuse and neglect attorney can walk you through the laws and how those laws protect those in nursing homes.

Situations Involving Abusive Care and Situations Involving Nursing Home Neglect

In these situations, finding the help of a legal team is a good choice because while people in nursing homes may not have the tools to help themselves, we do have those tools and the willingness to commit our resources to help those who are most vulnerable and have been neglected or abused by those who are supposed to care for them.

Can I sue the Nursing Home, Even if My Loved One Has No Written Contract with Them?

This is a question that is best answered through a consultation with a lawyer because more details about your case need to be determined prior to giving a clear answer. However, if a nursing home does not have a responsibility to care for your loved one, they cannot act negligently.

Where Do I File a Complaint Against Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

You’ll want to report suspected abuse to the nursing home itself, and you can also get information from the Ohio Department of Health for detailed instructions about filing a complaint.

Contact Attorneys for Help if You Believe You Have a Claim

If you’re looking for an attorney for nursing home abuse in Columbus, YD Legal can offer you expertise and quality services. We want to help you with nursing home abuse and neglect claims because we know how hard these cases are for families and want to give time-friendly and committed legal guidance. If you think that you have a claim, contact us for a free consultation, and together, we can determine if you have a viable case for this kind of issue.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is always hard, and there’s nothing that anyone can do to bring them back. A wrongful death lawsuit, can compensate you for funeral expenses, financial losses suffered because of your loved one’s death, and for the pain and suffering that you have faced. These lawsuits can not heal your grief, but they can help you have closure and find some level of peace with what has happened. Our compassionate and dedicated staff understand how hard grief is without the added complexity of legal proceedings, and we want to ease that hardship, so you can focus on healing.

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit occurs when someone has died because another person or organization was either negligent or committed some type of misconduct. Crimes like manslaughter or murder are examples of cases that can become wrongful death lawsuits. Wrongful death is a civil and not criminal action, so it seeks compensation for various deeds rather than penalties like jail time. A notorious example of a wrongful death suit is when O.J. Simpson had to pay compensation towards his victim’s families in a civil suit despite not being criminally charged. The standard of proof is generally lower in these cases than in criminal cases. In many ways, wrongful death is a type of personal injury case that is proxied by the loved ones of the deceased because the deceased is no longer alive to bring the case on their own.

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death can cover a range of situations. For example, it can cover any deaths that were caused by negligence, but it can also cover more specific issues like medical malpractice or neglect. It can also relate to crimes, such as murder or another intentional killing, or even inadvertent killing in the midst of a crime. In Ohio, the law states that a wrongful death suit can be brought even as a defendant is being criminally charged with crimes like murder or manslaughter. The general rule is that if a person would have been able to make personal injury claims had they lived, a wrongful death case may also apply.

How can a Columbus Wrongful Death Attorney Help?

A Columbus wrongful death lawyer can help you stay on the right track as you file your claim. While any lawyer in your state can file these papers for you, it helps to have a firm that can best use its resources and get you the compensation you are owed. Those who specialize in wrongful deaths know how to calculate how much compensation you should seek and how the nuances of the law will impact your case. When a lawyer doesn’t specialize in a certain type of law, they may not be as up-to-date on current laws and precedents. Lawyers continue their education throughout their careers to keep their licenses, and they tend to learn more about their specialties. Thus, choosing just any lawyer won’t necessarily get you the best results.

Types of Wrongful Death Claims

Some of the most common causes of wrongful death claims include:

These are just a few examples of wrongful death, but there are certainly other options and incidents that may reflect wrongful death.

How To Prove Wrongful Death in Ohio

The law varies by state, which is why it’s so important to understand Ohio law if you want to have a successful claim in Ohio. The basic gist is that you have to prove that your loved one died because of a wrongful or negligent act. A wrongful act can include crimes, but these cases extend beyond just criminal actions. To prove negligence, you have to show that someone failed their duty of care.

Because the law is never simple, it is best to find a wrongful death attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Lawyers at YD Legal have been trained to understand the parameters of Ohio law and recognize what makes a successful case.

What Compensation Can I Recover for the Death of a Family Member and How Much is a Wrongful Death Worth?

The compensation for a wrongful death case is not a sure thing. This figure will depend on a range of factors. Some things that might influence the amount include the suffering experienced by the deceased as they were dying, funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses prior to the death, financial losses to those who relied on the deceased, other physical and mental damages, and the level of liability of the defendant.

Who Can File Wrongful Death Claims?

Not just anyone can file a wrongful death claim. You may think that the right would be given to spouses, children, or another close family member, but that is not always the case. In Ohio, whoever has been designated as the deceased’s personal representative becomes the one who will bring the case. This person is chosen either through a person’s will or could be chosen by the court. However, the person making a claim does not necessarily get all the damages. Rather, the compensation is usually divided among those who have had some kind of personal damages based on their losses. This division tends to prioritize spouses, parents, and children, but in certain instances, other loved ones may suffer enough damages for compensation.

Contact a Columbus Wrongful Death Attorney Today

A Columbus wrongful death attorney can help you seek compensation for the death of a loved one. If you think that someone is responsible because of negligence or misconduct for your loved one’s death, you should schedule a consultation with us to answer any questions you may have and determine if you have a strong enough case to move forward with proceedings.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries create a lot of pain and suffering for children and their families, and not only do these injuries sometimes cause long-term conditions, but they also can lead to families losing their infants. Thus, these kinds of incidents create a lot of pain that no level of compensation can account for.Finding a birth injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, may be important to you if you think that you have a viable birth injury claim and live in Ohio.

What is the Average Birth Injury Settlement?

It’s hard to give an exact number for birth injuries because the damages vary from case to case, which is why you need a lawyer to help you determine the kind of compensation you can expect and the suffering and costs your family is expected to endure.

Can You Sue a Hospital for Birth Injury?

Yes, you may be able to sue a hospital, particularly if the doctor responsible for your delivery is an employee rather than an independent contractor. Our team of lawyers can help you determine the right course of action for your case.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in Ohio?

At our firm, for personal injury cases, we use a contingency fee, which means that we have clients pay at the end of the case; we take a certain percentage of the settlement or jury verdict. For more information about this, you can schedule a free consultation.

How Do You Prove Birth Injury?

Birth injury is one of the harder malpractice cases to prove because, under Ohio law, you must prove the connection between a medical professional’s failure to fulfill their duty of care. You have to connect that failure to the birth injury. However, it can be hard to determine when the damage was done and find the connection between the negligence and the health issues in the baby. Yet, lawyers are great at making those connections by evaluating the information they have, and we have experience with these cases, so we know how they tend to work in ways that ordinary people do not.

Birth Injury Lawsuits that We Handle

There are many types of birth injuries that can cause a lot of strain on families, and some of these birth injuries may entitle certain families to compensation.

  • Birth hypoxia
  • Brachial plexus
  • Brain damage
  • Breech birth complication
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Incorrect medication or dosage
  • Fetal death
  • Premature Delivery

Find the right birth injury law firm in Columbus, Ohio, so that you can get fair compensation via a birth injury lawsuit. If you think that you or a loved one may have a case, setting up a consultation with one of our lawyers is a fantastic first step, and we can answer any of the questions that you may have.

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

The most common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Not monitoring for fetal distress, causing issues like irregular hear rate, breeched births, cranial compressions, and umbilical cords around a baby’s neck
  • Head Trauma, which can cause developmental delays, hematomas, nervous system damage, brain damage, and cerebral palsy
  • Preventable premature deaths when doctors can take steps to improve lung function in suspected premature births
  • Delivering forcibly, which means that a doctor may try to force a baby out rather than using a c-section
  • Using drugs to induce labor in ways that are not safe, which can cause birth injuries to the spine, brain, bones, nerves, and other areas of the body

When and How Should I File a Birth Injury Lawsuit in Ohio?

If you have suffered from a birth injury in your family, you can turn to us to help you start your lawsuit.Birth injuries can be painful and life-changing for everyone involved, which is why you need dedicated, trustworthy, and experienced lawyers on your side. A Columbus birth injury lawyer, such as one of our attorneys at YD Legal, can help you better understand the process of filing a birth injury suit in the state of Ohio. For those who need a birth injury attorney in Franklin County, YD Legal offers services to all the communities nearby, and this locale is important because we have honed our skills for the unique needs of the legal system in our area. We’re highly familiar with the courts, not just in Ohio but in Columbus specifically.

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury case requires top lawyers if you want to get the best results. After you have dealt with this type of injury, your life is changed forever, and that can be hard to deal with. Add in all the legal matters, and it’s much more than any one person should have to deal with. That’s why we want to be your team and help you through this tumultuous stage in your life and get you’re the compensation that will help you lessen the burden of your injury. A catastrophic injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, helps clients sort out their claims and set them on the right path.

What is a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

A catastrophic injury claim is fairly straightforward in that it is a claim you make whenever you have a catastrophic injury. This claim can help you get the compensation that you think you are owed for your injury.

When is an Injury Considered Catastrophic?

The word catastrophic means various things depending on who you ask. What seems catastrophic to you may not be considered catastrophic to everyone, especially the law. Generally speaking, a catastrophic injury is any injury that prevents a person from ever performing in “gainful work,” Under Ohio law, they deem this type of injury to include significant physical deformations, losing a limb, being unable to use a bodily organ system, or not being able to care for oneself or sustain their own life.

How Much Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in Ohio?

The amount that you can get from a settlement will vary based on the kinds of damages that your accident has caused. These types of cases tend to earn more compensation money because they are so severe and cause so many detrimental after-effects.

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Catastrophic Injury Claim in Ohio?

While we try to get cases moving as fast as possible, these kinds of cases can take months to come to full fruition and finally have a resolution. Patience is a big part of getting the best deals that you can and getting full compensation for your accident.

How Long After an Accident Can You Sue in Ohio?

Under Ohio law, you tend to have two years to make a personal injury claim. This two-year window starts from the date of the injury. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as in the case of minors, but for the most part, you should aim to start your case as soon as you can.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

There are many types of injuries that may be catastrophic under Ohio law. Some examples of this type of injury include:

  • Paralysis
  • Major scarring
  • Amputation
  • Severe burns
  • Traumatic brain injury

If you are wondering if your injury or that of someone you know is considered catastrophic, making an appointment with one of our lawyers can help you determine if your injury fits the bill.

How to File a Claim for a Catastrophic Injury

When you file a claim, you should have a catastrophic injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, who can tell you the proper steps to take and make sure that you don’t miss anything vital.

Let a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, Defend Your Rights

There’s no one better to handle your claim than a Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer with intimate experience of how the courts in the area function and what the law states. We know how challenging it is to live the life you want when you have suffered a catastrophic injury. It may feel as though you have lost some of the most important parts of yourself. We want you to focus on getting better and creating joy and happiness, and as you do that, we will fight for fair compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in terrible damage to property, but worst of all, they can lead to severe injuries, and in some cases, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries and suffering, and our motorcycle accident lawyers Columbus, Ohio would like to guide you through that process.

Motorcycle Accident Common Injuries

Many injuries can result from motorcycle accidents. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Foot and leg injuries from impact and road rash
  • Head injuries, especially if a helmet isn’t worn
  • Facial damage occurs in ten percent of bikers in accidents
  • Biker’s arm, which refers to arm injuries associated with bikers landing on their arms to try to break a fall
  • Spinal damage or lesser back injuries
  • Emotional distress and trauma from the accident

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

When you have a motorcycle accident, the first step is to tend to any medical needs that you may have. If you are medically compromised, everything else can wait. However, if you get the chance, sharing information with other parties in the crash, calling the police so that they can start a report on the incident, and taking pictures of the accident are useful steps. With these things, you can start to compile a file that has all your information, which you want to be easily accessible and organized.

Once you have taken care of any imminent problems, it’s beneficial to contact a motorcycle accident law firm in Columbus, Ohio. You want a reliable firm that knows the area’s standards, which is why our firm stands out.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents       

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Determining what issues were at play during an accident is part of the process we must go through in each case to determine what legal steps should be taken. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Speeding, which both causes less control of vehicles and more damages
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Road conditions can also contribute to accidents
  • Stopping suddenly can cause serious damages, injuries, and even death
  • Hazardous lane changes when someone doesn’t make appropriate checks when they are switching lanes
  • Mistakes on left turns because left turns can lead to misjudgment or right of way issues
  • Inexperienced driving can often result in increased rates of collisions
  • Lane splitting, which is caused by motorcyclists being in two lanes when they drive
  • Issues with the motorcycle itself can cause problems
  • Car door collisions can happen when a car driver hits a passing motorcycle when they open their doors

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQ

How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident injury claim?

In Ohio, you generally have two years to file a personal injury claim Ohio. A motorcycle injury lawyer in Columbus can help you better understand the parameters for filing a motorcycle accident claim in Ohio.

Should I accept a settlement offer?

Settlement offers are generally a good choice, but it is a mistake to take any settlement without legal representation. Companies and individuals may want you to settle at lower rates when you are unrepresented. People often get more money when they have a lawyer to help them through the settlement process. Generally speaking, the first offer is not the final offer, and we can help you negotiate more money from whoever you’re dealing with.

Remember that when settlements are hasty, that’s when you stand to lose the most. It may seem appealing to make a deal and be done with it because it’s hard to commit so much time and energy to a case, but you deserve better, and a lawyer will do the heavy-lifting to get you as much compensation as possible.

How much money is my motorcycle accident injury worth?

There’s no one figure that can suggest what kind of money you will receive from a motorcycle accident. We need to first analyze your case, which we can start to get this vital information in a free consultation. This consultation will help you determine what you can do going forward and will guide you through the process we likely would take. If you have any questions, a consultation can get all those answered. It’s helpful to come to your consultation with a list of things you want to know.

How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help me?

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options and ensure that you are making the right decisions for your individual needs and wants. Our firm excels at personal injury cases, and if you need legal help, we provide a supportive, collaborative, and committed experience for our clients. Don’t just choose any motorcycle accident law firm in Columbus, Ohio. Choose one that stands with you and fights for the best outcomes you can get.

Personal Injury

Why Choose Our Columbus Personal Injury Lawyers?

Our team of lawyers and associates stands out because of our commitment to serving our clients as well as we can. Some of the things that our Columbus personal injury lawyers can offer you are:

  • A team of experts who know how to use Ohio’s laws in your favor
  • Dedicated resources to improve your case and access information that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to
  • Years of experience dealing with personal injury cases of all kinds
  • A willingness to work with our clients to promote collaboration when possible
  • First-hand experience with the legal system in Columbus, Ohio

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you think that you have a personal injury case, hiring a lawyer is a great first step to understand what the law can or cannot do for you. During a consultation, we can determine what the right course of action would be for your case.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer?

A serious injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can get you well on your way to getting the compensation you deserve for your accident. You may be wondering what a personal injury lawyer can do for you. Well, the list below shows you just some of the benefits of having a personal injury lawyer.

  • Get an expert opinion on your case
  • Increase your odds of getting a better settlement or verdict and earn more money
  • Spend more time and energy focused on things you enjoy
  • Sit back as expert negotiators negotiate for you
  • Don’t burden yourself with legal procedures when you can have professionals apply their years of training
  • Personal injury lawyers know what evidence is important and what evidence isn’t so important
  • When you have a lawyer, they don’t just fight for you, but they can counsel you on the best legal decisions to make at each juncture

What are the Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The steps in a personal injury lawsuit may differ greatly by the details of your case, so it is hard to give an exact step-by-step process; yet, there are common stages that tend to occur in cases. Personal injury cases are often scary when clients first start them, but by getting as much information as possible, much of the mystery disappears.

The first stage in any personal injury case is, of course, the inciting incident— the moment of injury, but after the client has gotten the immediate help that they need, such as medical care, their next step is often to seek out the help of a lawyer. For the case to move forward, there has to be evidence of injury, and this evidence can come through medical appointments, accident reports, and other details that highlight the severity of the injury. During a consultation, a potential law firm will ask you questions to determine if you potentially have enough evidence to make a good case. All of this may seem daunting, but attorneys and associates know the right questions to ask, so they can help you through if you’re unsure.

In the next step of the process, the paperwork is going to be filed, and it will be given to the defendant so that they are aware of the proceedings going forward and have time to make their own case. Your attorney will ensure that everything is filed properly and with the proper court and make sure that the defendant is served with the complaint against them. Again, you don’t have to worry too much about the mechanics of this process because your attorney will lead you through it as it specifically applies to your case.

The defendant must then hire their own attorney (or in rare cases, they may choose to represent themselves). You will also then have the “discovery” phase of the process, which happens before you go to trial. Parties will go in front of the judge to determine how the case will proceed and to set future court dates. During this process, defendants and plaintiffs go to depositions, which are testimonies under oath that take place outside of court. 

After months or even years of pre-trial events, the trial will begin, and determinations will be made about whether or not the defendant is at fault and how much damages should be paid. However, not all cases get to trial. In many cases, settlements are made pre-trial between the parties.

For further information, a consultation can help you determine how the steps may look in your case, and it can help you understand if you have a case worth attempting.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

YD Legal can help you with a range of personal injury issues that may arise, and we can offer you a Columbus personal injury lawyer who reflects the exact needs of your case. We have lawyers with expertise in the following areas of personal injury law:

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer During Your Consultation in Columbus, Ohio?

When it comes time to have a consultation with one of our lawyers, you may still have a lot of questions, and the answers can be hard to give without consultation because the specifics of cases matter highly in many of our responses and plans of action. Thus, there are some common questions that many potential clients ask at a consultation, and these questions can help you prepare to inquire about issues that may concern you.

  • Are you able to handle my case?
  • Have you litigated a case like mine before?
  • What is your assessment of my case?
  • What is your contingency fee?
  • How many years of experience do your top-rated attorneys and associates have?
  • What do I do after an accident?
  • Do I have a case if I do not feel hurt?
  • How long do I have to file a personal injury case?
  • What damages are available in a personal injury case?
  • What do you need from me before and during my case?
  • What kind of resources can you provide to help further my case?
  • Can you explain the potential risks associated with my case?

Before your consultation, you should try to make a list of some of your most serious concerns so that you’re sure to ask them when you come to see us. It often is good to think of these ahead of time because clients may get overwhelmed during their initial consultation and forget to inquire about certain concerns that they may have. Thus, just a little preparation can ensure that your needs and wants are expressed and that you leave without much worry.

How Can Our Serious Injury Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio Help You?

At YD Legal, we are prepared to be the right personal injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio. There are plenty of practicing attorneys in the area, but our firm has the staff and the resources to ensure that you have an attorney with expertise and passion for the type of litigation you require.

Furthermore, our service goes beyond just finding the right lawyer to lead your case. We also ensure that you have the best support staff. We know that our associates are essential in the operation of our firm, and we ensure that the associates working on your case are knowledgeable and competent. Our whole firm must meet high standards for our clients, and it is this high standard that creates the best potential results.

We can never guarantee that a client will win a case, but we do everything in our power to make sure that the odds are in their favor. We strive to be upfront about what the law allows and the patterns we’ve seen in similar cases. It’s vital that we are honest with our clients from the very beginning and that honesty helps us keep expectations realistic and focus our efforts in the most meaningful ways that we can. Not only are we upfront with our clients, but we hope that clients can trust us too because building a relationship with trust and teamwork improves our ability to do good work for our clients.

Hiring a lawyer can be highly intimidating, and when you are facing life-changing injuries, you have even more standing in your way. Thus, our lawyers keep you updated without burdening you. With competence, skill, and experience, we set our clients up for success, and most importantly, we strive to create a better future for them, even as they go through some of life’s most challenging struggles.

Car Accident

A car accident of any kind can be one of the scariest and most painful experiences that a person ever has to go through, and unfortunately, one-third of accidents result in personal injury to someone involved. Thus, it’s far too common for people to experience terrible consequences after a car collision. These injuries can range from mild to severe, but in any case, knowing how to deal with an accident is overwhelming.

Car accidents are unfortunately a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go through these incidents alone. Many of our clients have learned the value of finding a fitting and trustworthy car accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio. With the help of a law firm, you can ensure you get the best results possible. We cannot fix the damage done by an accident, but we can help you seek damages when necessary.

Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident

While it may seem unimportant to a legal case to do certain things after a car accident, certain procedures can help preserve evidence and support you in a case if you want to pursue one. If you have already been in an accident, it may be too late to do some of these things, but these procedures are good to keep in mind during an accident, and they can improve your case if you ever need to turn to legal action.

The first thing you always want to do after an accident is to stay at the scene. You may think that a minor accident isn’t a big deal, but when you leave the scene, you compromise yourself. Try not to go too far away from where the incident happened. If you can, you may have to move slightly to protect yourself from increased danger, but you should not leave if you don’t have to.

You’ll also want to call the police or other emergency services that may be necessary because police reports can be a valuable tool not just for lawyers but for your insurance company. The whole point of this is keeping records of what happened, and the more reliable those records, the better for any future legal action. You can also exchange information with other people involved while you wait for the police. Another way to preserve evidence is to take pictures of the scene and damage done. You can also photograph your injuries (given that you are in the condition to do so).

Notifying your insurance company is another must. Don’t wait longer than you must to report the damage because insurance companies often value promptness. Many penalize you if you wait and don’t have a good reason for that delay (such as receiving vital medical care).

Medical care is a must, and this is the case in most situations. Now, it’s obvious to get medical care when severe injuries are present, but this suggestion applies to all car accidents in which injuries may be present. Your injuries aren’t always initially apparent. Many people feel delayed pain after an accident, and it is better to seek medical care right away because some serious injuries may be covert at first. Plus, seeking medical care gets any issues on the record and can protect you from worsening any damage you may have.

Compile all your information. You want to keep all the records of the event and documents related to it in one file so that you can access it easily and nothing gets lost. When you organize your information, you will be able to deal with it with ease, and it won’t stress you out as much.

Once you have taken care of all your immediate needs and the steps listed above, finding a Columbus car collision lawyer is a great next step. It’s hard to protect your rights unless you seek out professionals who know how these types of things work.

How Can a Columbus Car Accident Lawyer Help?

When you get a car accident lawyer, they can help you discover the full costs of your damages from your accident. They help you determine all the costs related to the accident, some of which you may not even consider. Many lawyers have access to investigative tools so they can follow up on the files you provide to determine who is responsible for the accident. They also help you deal with insurance companies so that you can focus on getting better and doing things that improve your well-being. Stress only makes it harder for you to heal. Additionally, they can also deal with other parties, such as hospitals who are trying to collect medical bills.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident in Columbus, Ohio?

It can be hard for stressed and untrained people to advocate for themselves after car accidents, but when you have a lawyer to do those things for you, you can get a better settlement. People who hire lawyers tend to earn much more in damages than those who try to represent themselves. With lives of their own, most people don’t have the resources to take on car accident cases on their own, which is where we can help. Law firms know how to best use the resources at our disposal, and when you consult us, you have a whole team working for you and trying to help you with your case.

Types of Accident Injuries & Claims Handled By Our Columbus Law Firm

There is a wide range of situations that our clients find themselves in related to car accidents. For all of these situations, an auto accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can help you determine what legal options you have after a car collision or other type of accident.

Some of the areas that we have expertise in include:

If you have experienced any of these accidents, you may benefit from a consultation with someone from our legal team who can help you figure out what future steps are best for you and how to get the most benefits.

How Can Our Columbus Car Accident Attorneys Help You?

YD Legal will give you a Columbus car crash attorney that has the expertise and support to improve your case. Our Columbus car collision lawyers and paralegals are committed to giving our clients outstanding service.

When you have gone through a car accident, you may be hurt and not feel like dealing with legal battles and lawyers, but with professionals like us, the process doesn’t have to be that daunting. We can help you make your case with as little struggle as possible. We want to make things easier on you so that you can focus on your recovery.

You may not be sure if you even need a Columbus auto accident attorney, which is why scheduling a free consultation with us can help you clarify many of the concerns you have, and we can determine if we think you have a viable case. If you’ve been in an accident and have suffered from that accident, you deserve to be compensated fairly for what you have gone through, and we want to support you throughout your journey.

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