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When a person falls after slipping, it can cause a lot of damage, and it’s not uncommon for lawsuits to arise as a result of those accidents, which can sometimes change a person’s life forever or, at the very least, may cause a lot of suffering. Those who live in the Columbus area may benefit from a Columbus slip and fall accident lawyer who knows how the law functions in Ohio and in the Columbus court system. This type of accident falls under premises liability.

Various Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many reasons a slip and fall accident may happen, but some that happen frequently are:

  • Wet floors without any warning
  • Things that have fallen on the floor
  • Damaged surfaces that may be uneven
  • Work zones that are dangerous and do not take the right precautions

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Some of the most common slip and fall injuries are:

  • Spinal injury
  • Abrasions and Cuts
  • Head injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Sprains and broken bones

Why Should I Call A Slip & Fall Accidents Lawyer After a Fall in Ohio?

A slip and fall attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can explain potential liability and detail what plaintiffs may stand to gain in slip and fall cases. If you think that you have slipped and fallen due to negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Are Business Owners Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Yes, business owners may be liable for slip and fall accidents if those accidents are caused by negligence, meaning that business owners must have a duty of care that they have breached, which results in the injury of the plaintiff. If someone is hurt on the property due to negligence, a business owner can be accountable.

Are Homeowners Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents on Their Property?

If you have visitors (or even trespassers), you may be liable if they are injured. For example, a homeowner may have liability if someone slips and falls on ice on their sidewalk. A homeowner has a duty to keep their property safe for anyone who is on that property, which can be licensees (those allowed to be on the property), invitees (those invited to property such as postage people or workers), or even trespassers (people not permitted on the property, like salespeople going door to door).

What Damages Can I Recover from a Slip and Fall Case?

Without seeing the case, we cannot predict how much your damages may be in a slip and fall case. We need to see the details to do a more accurate analysis of what compensation you might get based on how the fall has impacted your life and well-being. We also need to evaluate the negligence of the owner of the property.

With the help of a Columbus slip and fall personal injury attorney, you will maximize your potential gains because those who seek the help of lawyers tend to have a better resolution of their case than those who try to go it alone. Lawyers at our firm have trained and continue to train to learn the newest laws and legal precedents. Thus, we help our clients in ways that they might not be able to do on their own. Furthermore, we know the right kinds of resources to invest in a case so that we don’t waste anyone’s resources, including our own.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer FAQs

If you decide to seek the help of a local slip and fall lawyer in Columbus, there may be some questions that you want to ask, and these questions are idea questions to jot down when you are going to a consultation with a law firm. Lawyers can give you a better idea of the results your case may have based on past experience and legal knowledge.

  • Does my case seem strong?
  • How much are lawyer fees for a slip and fall case?
  • How long do slip and fall settlements take?
  • How much can you get for a slip and fall?
  • What are the causes of slip and fall accidents in Ohio that have real results?
  • What to do after a slip and fall accident to have the best possible legal options?
  • How do lawyers prove liability in slip and fall cases?

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If you are concerned about your legal rights, a consultation with a Columbus slip and fall accident attorney can help you understand what your legal options are and if you can get compensation for your damages. Don’t just choose any slip and fall law firm in Ohio. Choose one that knows their business and who has lawyers with hands-on experience with slip and fall cases. We have decades of experience, and our team has shown our skill through our work with past clients. Our family will strive to help yours.

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