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Best services I've Had!!!

Dennis took time to not only to help me understand all legal aspects of my case he also took the time to make sure i was OK medically. He always made sure i was informed every step of the way with my case status. Anytime i had questions Dennis made sure he was available to answer them whether it was via phone or email. Dennis is a one of a kind attorney who cares for you as a person not a dollar sign!!!

Excellent Attorney

Initial consultation was greatly impressed and informative. I feel very confident with Mr. Yacobozzi and know my case will be handled with integrity .

Auto accident Attorney recomendation

Mr. Yacobozzi was refered to me by another attorney for an auto accident. Dennis reviewed the facts of the case and was upfront to the timeline and what to expect to happen with the case in a professional manner.

Ohio state case

Dennis always kept me up to date on where my case stood and was very straight forward with me. He set realistic demand so the case was settled relatively fast. I previously used another lawyer who was incompetent and wish I had been with Dennis since day one after my injury. Would highly recommend.

Accident Claim

Dennis did a great job in a timely manner. He always kept me update to date on where he stood on the claim. Dennis was professional from day one to last day. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Slip and Fall Personal Injury

Dennis handled my personal injury claim against a big hotel name and was very professional throughout. He always kept me informed as to what was happening and what to expect. Dennis successfully got me a mediation settlement that was acceptable by me. I would highly recommend Dennis in similar cases.

Definitely Worth the Phone Call!

Dennis Yacobozzi was personable, genuine, and took the time to actually listen. He mentioned following-up with referrals since it was not his area of practice. His office promptly followed-up with the referrals. In my opinion, this office has more than great ratings. I also "heard" an attorney that will "genuinely" care about his clients which is a rare combination.

Personal Injury

I was injured in an accident and didn't have any insurance information from the other person involved. I filed a police report and Dennis was able to obtain a video of the accident I was injured in, which I would not have had access to, that supported my claim. He kept me informed throughout the process and gave me the confidence that he was truly working for my best interest not just for his fee. My case was at the same time that my father started having sever health problems and past away, Dennis and his staff were caring and I knew that the case was being taken care of and I could concentrate on the needs of my parents. My husband and I realized that the law is not our strong suit and that hiring Dennis was a great decision.

Son's Car Accident Claim

Eleni did a great job of handling our son's car accident that was not his fault. She explained the process and kept us informed with the updates from the insurance and medical companies. We made the decisions together either in her office or on conference calls. I would highly recommend her for your legal needs. A true professional with a caring personal touch through out the process.

The Best Ever

First of all Eleni was referred to me as the best and I have to tell you she did not disappoint. Her professional courtesy was second to none. It's not often that you find people that care, but Eleni sincerely cared about me and my well-being. I hope that anyone reading this understands that's there's one person to call if you need help, and that's team DRAKATOS!

Best Attorney in Columbus!

I came in contact with Eleni Andriana Drakatos over a few years ago over a personal injury matter. Eleni is a wonderful and down to earth individual with such great knowledge and a straight forward attitude towards her work. She kept me well informed with all the steps of the case and explained everything in terms that I could understand and in the end took care of the situation with great success. I truly felt, no I know that she wanted to win for me not just for herself and Eleni did just that- she won! I am so very pleased with her quick response to any questions or concerns and she would not end a phone call unless she was sure that I was completely comfortable with what was going on. I highly recommend hiring Eleni Andriana Drakatos anytime for your legal matters!

There is nobody better!

I hired Eleni to handle my under insured motorist and medical claim. No only was Eleni detailed, organized and professional, all qualities I was looking for and needed in my legal counsel, she is a transparent, honest and caring attorney who actually can communicate! Eleni made sure I was comfortable with the process and procedures, spending quality time to prepare me for any and all meetings, and clearly and concisely communicated the progress of my case from deposition to successful conclusion. Eleni is an impeccable professional who did not remotely attempt to direct my opinion, she provided me with the options available to us and together, in partnership made the decision on the next steps. Eleni is also a very tough negotiator an endearing quality you absolutely need in this area in my opinion. I was grateful I was not the opposing counsel. Having previously worked for a law firm for over 10 years and being privy to many styles of handling cases, I could not recommend Eleni any higher. She is the best of the best and will work every possible option to the best of her ability to get the job done. I provide my wholehearted recommendation for her work and in my opinion is your only choice - she will get it done and get it done right!

Impressive and Comfortable

We had an issue with our attorney he wanted to quit last minute before trial and we were very concerned about who to go to for help! Eleni not only returned my call but did so in the evening at my convenience! She took the time to LISTEN and made my concerns valid! She was very attentive to our needs and started looking into our case immediately. She got us a result that wouldn't have been possible with anyone else! We were very pleased with her and considered her the perfect person for our case. Although she was retained last minute she went right to work and her research paid off!! We couldn't be more thankful - she made us feel so comfortable and we were very impressed by her care and attentiveness to us.

Doug N Angie Boetcher
5 Stars is Not Enough, Amazing Lawyer and Staff

Eleni Drakatos is the most professional, thorough, diligent lawyer I have encountered. My previous lawyer completely dropped the ball and left me incredibly stressed with fewer than six months to handle my case. Eleni was recommended by a friend, and she and her staff have been everything I hoped for and more. I didn't think it was possible to settle my case by the deadline after my previous lawyer sat on my case, doing absolutely nothing in the year that he had it, but Eleni and her team were able to get together all the information for my case, process it, negotiate, and secure a favorable outcome BEFORE the deadline. They have been open and honest, continuing to detail where we are every step of the way and informing me of all options available. Their organization and attention to detail ensures that they have addressed every possibility in your case to garner the absolute best outcome. They had to go up against what I have heard was one of the most difficult companies to work with, and I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. They provide updates to you before you ask so you never have to wait or wonder what's going on. They communicate any new information immediately to ensure the most timely resolution of your case. They are always available to contact for any questions or concerns and return your correspondence without delay - about two hours was the longest I have ever had to wait for a response from them. Eleni's main assistant, Cheryl, is a gem and has also made this whole process easy and seamless. With the horrible experience with my previous lawyer, I was, admittedly, very jaded regarding the legal profession. Eleni has restored my faith that there are great, hardworking lawyers who are actually invested in your best interests. You absolutely cannot go wrong by selecting Eleni Drakatos and her team.

Car Accident Legal Help

Eleni was exactly what we needed after we both almost lost our lives to a driver who totally at fault in an accident we were involve in. She came to our house and carefully laid out the game plan for pursuing everything that we were entitled to receive and in the end we were able to have all of our medical bills paid for and received the maximum amount of compensation that the insurance companies were required to make. We can't thank her enough for all the she did. We were kept updated throughout the process and highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an attorney with integrity and professionalism.

Jon McKanna
So professional, compassionate and effective

I was rear-ended at high speed which led to a life-changing personal injury and a totaled vehicle. The responsible party's insurance company was refusing to pay by medical bills or my property damage. Not only did Eleni take my case, she negotiated a very fair settlement. Throughout my case, she made sure to listen to my concerns and kept me apprised of what was (or wasn't) happening. I cannot speak highly enough of her. God forbid, should I need an attorney in the future, Eleni will be my first call.


Dennis went above and beyond on collecting all of my medical bills. We had some issues with my health insurance and Dennis handled the calls between them and I did not have to handle the issues. Dennis was always open and honest with the best route we were going to take. Dennis always suggested the best option but gave me the choice of what I wanted to do. I cannot have had a better lawyer.


Former Client

My wife and I were involved in an auto accident and received many letters from lawyers to assist us in our case. We decided to call Eleni and are very glad we did. From start to finish our case was handled as professional as ever could be expected. We received the best settlement that was possible due to her hard work and great help from her office staff. She always kept us up to date with what was taking place at the time. As time went by, we really started to feel like she was totally interested in our well-being and future, not just a paycheck. Not only did we gain a great attorney but a great friend in the process. I would highly recommend Eleni for your lawyer needs. You will not be sorry that you gave her a try. Thank you so much Eleni!


Former Client

Eleni represented my husband and me in a major Medical Malpractice case that went to trial by jury in Franklin County, OH. The facts or our case, along with Eleni’s expertise, research, and trial plan, resulted in the jury finding for us. The jury awarded us a sizable amount, which is rare in Franklin County, as juries tend to lean toward the Doctor, and are not generous with awards, if they do rule for the plaintiff. We strongly recommend Eleni to anyone in need of excellent counsel for a malpractice or personal injury claim.


Former Client

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