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Truck Accident Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Truck accidents are some of the most gruesome accidents, and they can cause severe consequences. They also engage not only insurance companies and drivers, but they also often involve truck companies. Therefore, these situations can get complicated and confusing quickly, and if you have lots of personal damages, it’s important to have someone looking out for your best interests and legal options.

What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

A commercial vehicle accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio, helps local people deal with the legal ramifications of truck accidents, and they can serve as an advocate in civil suits. The ultimate goal of a truck accident attorney is to ensure that people get as much compensation as they can for all damages, including to their vehicle or other property, lost wages, or medical costs. A good lawyer will make sure that you file everything you need to in a timely matter and know the legal parameters of Ohio.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

If you live in Columbus, hiring a Columbus truck accident lawyer is a valuable tool at your disposal because you’ll have enough to deal with, and by hiring a lawyer, you not only protect your interests, but you lessen the big list of time and energy you would otherwise have to exert. Truck accidents have special parameters because there are more regulations for trucks, which can play a role in your case.

Types of Commercial Trucks that Cause Accidents

There are several types of trucks that can cause accidents. These include:

  • semi-trucks
  • tanker trucks
  • courier or delivery trucks
  • sanitation trucks
  • dump trucks and cement mixers
  • flatbed trucks

What Damages Can You Potentially Recover?

Many types of damage may occur in a truck accident. Some losses you can claim include:

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Lost income due to the crash or future income
  • Loss of consortium

Who is Liable?

Who is liable will depend on the exact accident, but with truck accidents, there are more parties who may share liability. The main two parties that people consider are, of course, the drivers in the accident, but truck companies may hold some responsibility in the accident, too, which a lawyer can help you determine. Because of having more regulations, truck companies may be accountable if they do not enforce or properly implement certain procedures. For example, truck drivers are only allowed to drive for so long during twenty-four-hour periods, and they are required to take a certain number of breaks.

When Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer After an Accident?

While hiring an attorney probably won’t be your first thought after an accident, hiring an attorney and having a consultation is a smart idea as soon as you get the chance. A truck accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can make sure that you take important steps to preserve your case and protect your interests. When you don’t have a lawyer on your side, it’s too easy to make snap decisions before you have consulted a professional who understands the law. Truck companies and insurance companies often want to expedite things and lower their own costs, which can come at your expense, which is why an attorney is a useful investment after a truck accident.

Should I Get a Truck Accident Lawyer for an Accident that Was My Fault?

If the accident was your fault, it is still wise to seek out a lawyer. The lawyer can help mitigate the consequences you have to face and give you valuable guidance about how you should respond to the accident. Don’t communicate with other parties more than you have to. By going through a lawyer first, you can protect yourself better. Do not leave the scene and cooperate with other parties, but you do not need to give away a surplus of information before getting legal help.

What is a Good Settlement Offer for a Truck Accident?

The answer to this question will vary greatly based on the damages done and the nature of the case, so it’s almost impossible to estimate without the specifics of a case. Yet, serious car crashes can often come with serious compensation.

What Do I Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

You may be wondering what to do after an accident with a large commercial truck, and one of the biggest things you should do once you have established your safety and dealt with the immediate and necessary first responses to an accident is to contact a Columbus semi-truck accident attorney, but first, it helps to learn about what you can do immediately after the accident has happened to improve your case.

You’ll want to first call emergency services, which can include police and ambulance services if needed. You may think that the police aren’t necessary, but they will make a report of what happened, which your insurer may require and can help if you require legal action. While you wait for first responders, you can start to exchange information with any other parties in the accident (unless medical necessity prohibits this). If there are any witnesses around, it’s good to gather their contact information as well.

The collection of evidence is also important. The police will help with this, but there are steps you can take for your own personal record. For example, you can take photos of the scene and any injuries that you may have. Keeping this record can provide beneficial information and evidence when building your case.

Get checked out by medical professionals. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, if you think you could have been injured at all, it’s better to seek medical help. Sometimes, you might not notice injuries right away, and when this happens, delayed treatment can worsen your prognosis, and it can be worse for your case. It’s better to get medical attention promptly and ensure that any injuries, even seemingly small ones, are documented.

Keep a record of everything. You’ll want to ensure that all the information you have is in one file so that nothing gets lost. Staying organized can make a major difference in your legal outcome.

When all of that is completed, finding a lawyer is a good choice. A Columbus 18 wheeler accident attorney should be someone who understands the challenges and nuances of a case with a semi-truck. Truck cases are often more complex than normal car accidents, and while the results can be equally devastating, truck accidents tend to come with a lot more stress. Therefore, you need a team that knows exactly what they’re up against.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents in Ohio?

Generally speaking, for these kinds of accidents, you have two years to file your lawsuit starting from the day the accident happens. There are some exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, two years is the limit. Nevertheless, you should not wait two years before you file your lawsuit because it is better to file your claims as early as you can. These kinds of things take time, and when you wait to start legal action, you may run out of time. Furthermore, evidence is best preserved when it’s fresh. You may lose important evidence, such as witnesses won’t remember information as clearly, or certain details may be lost. Furthermore, trucking companies only keep certain files on hand for so long, so if you don’t act promptly, you may lose some of their information that could help your case.

What Questions Should I Ask a Lawyer About a Truck Accident?

  • Do I have a worthwhile case?
  • What kind of compensation can I expect?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Should I pursue legal action?
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